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Voiles & Lace Curtains

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Nets & Voiles

When we look at décor for our home, there can be a number of reasons as to why we choose certain elements. Some may choose décor based on their aesthetic qualities, whereas others can be instilled for other reasons. As well as adding a luxurious look to your home, voiles and lace curtains can also deliver a number of other benefits that you may not have considered.

The first benefit is that both voiles and lace curtains are light in nature, so can be a great way of letting in sunshine, while restricting the view into the property, so you don’t have to worry about the outside world peering into your property.

Voiles and lace curtains can also compliment your décor, adding more ambience and character which gives your home or business that perfect finish.

As well as stocking a number of curtains and fixtures, Merlin Interiors is also able to offer customers a selection of voiles and lace curtains, regardless of whether you’re looking for plain or patterned options.

Merlin Interiors is able to offer a range of exclusive voiles and lace curtains to suit any purpose, an can even make amendments via the ADO made-to-measure range for a more exclusive finish. All the voiles on offer from Merlin Interiors benefit from overlocked sides to prevent fraying, and both voiles and laces are available in a range of different drops.

View a small selection of our Voiles, Nets & Lace Curtains below…

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Merlin Interiors is also able to offer a solution for those who may suffer from allergies, thanks to its Enhanced Living range, which look to enhance the living environment of those who suffer from hay fever, and other allergies. This is done thanks to the pollen-reducing and dust-filtering properties of the Enhanced Living range, which have been made possible thanks to Tyrone Textiles working alongside TV’s Dr. Hilary Jones when creating the Enhanced Living range.

Merlin Interiors understands that no two requirements are ever the same, which is why it offers a number of ready-made and bespoke solutions based on your requirements and budget. Regardless of whether you’re looking for some advice, or you need assistance completing your overall look, Merlin Interiors is happy to help in every instance.

If you’re currently looking to update your home or business, but you’re not sure where to begin, then why not contact Merlin Interiors today. Not only can it give you vast choice when it comes to curtains, lace curtains and voiles, but can also meet your budget requirements with ease.