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Traditional vs Industrial Furniture

Traditional vs Industrial Furniture

Although there are many styles of furniture available, many fall into two categories, and that’s industrial and traditional. There is no right or wrong choice when it comes to selecting either, but each does have their pros and cons, and will fit into the interior design of your home in a number of different ways. As such, there can be a number of factors that need to be considered when deciding which particular style to opt for.

Materials Used

The first difference you will find between industrial and traditional furniture is the materials use.  Traditional pieces of furniture are normally made using wood, and other similar components, whereas the building of industrial furniture normally employs the use of more durable materials such as stainless steel and aluminium.

The materials used normally have an effect on the design, as well as the durability of the piece. That’s no to say traditional furniture is weak, it’s just that industrial furniture is made more robust by default.

In this regard, it can be worth factoring how much use the item of furniture will have, and in what set of circumstances. For example, you could require a stronger built bed in the bedrooms of children when compared to shopping for an adult bed.

Where Will the Furniture Be Placed?

There is a common misconception that industrial furniture should only be used within an office. And while its original purpose may have been for that very reason, the décor tastes of the overall homeowner have widened extraordinarily.

This means that more and more furniture can be mixed and matched to offer a truly bespoke looking home. As such, you merely need to consider the rest of your surroundings. A more rustic approach could require traditional furniture, whereas a more modern approach could instil modern furniture. If you’re not sure which way to go, then you could even consider the services of an interior designer who will be able to offer you help and advice to ensure you get the home you envision.


Many may feel that more industrial furnishings are a little clinical, and while this can be true for some pieces, you would be surprised as to what types of furniture you’re able to purchase. As such, the aesthetics really rely upon the overall look you’re going for. Many are able to mix both industrial and traditional furnishings to great effect.

Knowing Where to Start

When we have a new home, it presents us with a blank canvas, and too many this inspires to a world of possibilities when it comes to furnishing and decorating their new abode. However, others may find the process more difficult and time-consuming. Those who are unsure as to which way to approach their furniture requirement should look online for some inspiration. The many social networks and furniture sites offer a number of inspired photographs that should get your creative juices flowing accordingly.

Image: WikiMedia, available under Creative Commons.

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