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Roman Blinds

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Roman Blinds

While roman blinds are a popular choice among consumers, not everyone may be aware of the differences between roman blinds and general blinds. While blinds and roman blinds do share a lot of similarities, there are also differences. Which suits you best can really come down to personal preference.

Many people prefer roman blinds over more conventional blinds, simply due to the aesthetic qualities they offer. Rather than simply rolling up like generic blinds do, they gather as you open them, giving the home a concertina style, complete with smart and sharp folds. The design of roman blinds means that many homeowners and business can inject that contemporary and minimalist look with very little effort and cost.

Roman blinds also have many benefits when it comes to maintaining the temperature of a particular room. For example, during the hotter months, blinds can be lowered to ensure heat is defected away from the room. Similarly, during the winter months, its reflective backing will stop the heat escaping. As such, roman blinds are excellent at keeping a consistent temperature around your home and business at all times.

Merlin Interiors is not only able to offer customer a vast choice when it comes to the colour and design of roman blinds, but is also able to offer a number of additional features, sure as blackout options, as well as fire retardant options, an ideal choice for hotels and guest houses.

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While they may offer something different when it comes to the aesthetics of the décor, they can still hold the same benefits as regular blinds. They are ideal for keeping your home private and away from prying eyes, which can make you home feel more settled and secure as a result.

Merlin Interiors is able to offer customers a number of choices when it comes to curtains, blinds, fixtures and other décor, so there is little reason as to why you shouldn’t be able to find what you’re looking for when browsing its vast range.

As well as offering roman blinds in many different shades and colours, it is also able to offer a full measuring and fitting service that allows customers to have that truly bespoke feel.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements and one of our advisors will be delighted to assist you.