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Bedroom Curtains


The bedroom is a place that should enable you to escape the rest of the world. Your bedroom is your sanctuary, a place that promotes relaxation and the relief of stress from day to day life.

As such it is suggested that this room conveys simplicity, elegance, luxury and intimacy. The importance of simplicity is derived from the theory that a cluttered room is synonymous with a cluttered mind. Subsequently a clean, simple environment promotes a clean, clear, fresh mind and outlook.

Surrounding yourself in elegance and luxury allows you to relax, soothe and pamper yourself, it is your reward for facing the challenges of the day. And one final element not to be overlooked is intimacy, your bedroom is a private and intimate place and as such should provide the appropriate ambiance.

With this in mind we are able to apply these concepts to the selection of our curtains. There are endless possibilities when it comes to styles and fabrics but by taking a simplistic and logical approach, selecting your curtains should be a pleasurable experience.

Firstly is the choice of Ready Made Curtains or Made to Measure Curtains. This choice will be largely dictated by budget. Made to Measure Curtains offer a far greater degree of quality, they are made to your exact requirements, there is also a greater range of colours and designs available. However, if your on a limited budget or you choose to frequently move, or revamp your décor then the Ready Made curtain option could be your better choice.

Secondly is your curtain heading. There are a number of varieties available when it comes to selecting your curtain heading, however here we will focus on the main ones:

  • Pinch Pleat Heading: This is the standard heading on most curtains.
  • Eyelet Heading: This gives a more modern look to the curtain, it does not provide as much gather as other options and works well with a minimalist style of décor.
  • Pinch Pleat Heading (Double/Triple): This is the most elegant of curtain headings and conveys class and luxury, the triple pleat option offers a greater level of gather than that of the double for a more sumptuous look.
  • Tab Top Heading: This is the simplest of the headings and is the lowest cost option.
  • For a more detailed overview of headings please see Choosing Your Curtain Heading.

Thirdly comes your choice of fabric. In order to select the appropriate fabric it is important to assess the rest of your décor Look at wall coverings and carpets, there should typically be an overriding theme between these. For example a beige carpet with white walls. Secondly look at the accessories around the room, there is likely to be an additional colour present, complimentary to the first two base colours. This colour should be carried subtly throughout by the way of cushions, throws, picture frames etc. for example Gold.

Therefore, when it comes to selecting the curtain fabric it is recommended that the base colour of the curtain matches either the wall covering or the carpet. Whether you select the white or the beige depends upon the ambiance that you are looking to create. If the room is small, or tends to be hot then the white offers the illusion of space with a cooling vibe, where as if the room is particularly spacious and cool then beige will help to create an intimate warmth.

The foreground colours should subsequently comprise variations of the gold used throughout the rest of the room.

The choice of patterns, either abstract or floral as oppose to plains largely depends upon the mood and style that you wish to create, elegant, modern, traditional etc.

Note: It is quite possible to be more adventurous with the colours and designs used within your curtains in order to create dramatic effects and bold statements. Merlin Interiors offer a curtain interior design service for anyone wishing to have professionally selected window furnishings.

As a final note why not consider Blackout Curtains for your bedroom, not only do they offer a barrier against light but they offer insulation properties that assist in the prevention of heat loss and the mitigation of unwanted noise, a great choice for those lazy Sunday mornings.












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