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Free Your Windows – Declutter With a Shutter

Free Your Windows – Declutter With a Shutter

If you’re trying to bring a new, stylish and modern look to your home, consider giving traditional curtains and blinds a miss and opt for shutters instead. Conjuring up images of the iconic American home and bringing the feel of sunny Mediterranean climates to your room, shutters are surprisingly versatile and can be used not only to cover your windows, but for an astounding range of other purposes around your house.


Stylish Window Dressing for Maximum Curb Appeal

If clean lines and minimal décor is the style you’re going for, you probably don’t want to ruin the look with bulky curtains, however stylish they may be. Plantation shutters are the ideal alternative, with their clutter-free streamlined look and elegant appeal. If you have interestingly shaped or apex windows, shutters are an even better choice, as they enhance their shape, allowing you to make the most of this unique feature.

With their timeless appeal, they’ll even save you money in the long run as you won’t have to be constantly updating to keep up with the latest trends. Shutters are also ideal for anyone who struggles with allergic reactions. Curtains can harbour dust and dirt and be tricky and time consuming to clean, however with just a quick wipe, shutters look as good as new and will keep your room allergen-free.


Maximise the Light Without Compromising on Privacy

In our grey British climate our rooms can often feel dark and gloomy, so making the most of the available light is essential. While classic net curtains can achieve this, they can look dated and keep your room stuck in the past. Voiles may be more fashionable, however they are often too transparent to guarantee your privacy. When you want to be sure that your space remains your own but you still want to enjoy the benefit of plenty of daylight, shutters are a perfect solution. Adjustable to regulate the light, the slats ensure that no unwanted eyes will be prying into your home and help to keep your property safe and secure.


Ideal for Winter and Summer

The British weather can be unpredictable – one day we can be shivering in the frost and the next sweltering in glorious sunshine. This makes shutters an even better idea for your home. Fully adjustable to regulate the temperature in your room, you can effectively cool down your space on a summer’s day, or keep out the cold when the clouds make an appearance.


Versatile and Flexible Throughout Your Home

Plantation shutters aren’t solely for your windows – they can be used in any number of ways around the home. Use these versatile coverings to replace wardrobe and cupboard doors for an elegant and modern look, to close off your kitchen instead of a traditional solid wood door, or even as a room divider to make the most of your open plan spaces. Whether you opt for clean and plain white, traditional warm brown or sophisticated black, there are sure to be perfect shutters to complement the style of every room.

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