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Blackout Curtains

Require a low lit, intimate, romantic setting day or night? Blackout Curtains provide the solution, acting as a barrier to the rays of the sun and other external lighting to ensure the ambiance you create is not effected.

Furthermore, the dense lining of these curtains provides an additional barrier against the migration of sound, whether you are trying to keep the external noises of the city out, or the vibrant rhythms of your live music in, Blackout Curtains will assist as both a light barrier and sound migration prevention.

All our made to measure curtains can be offered with a soft drape Blackout Lining.

Blackout Curtains are achieved through the process of lining the curtain with a higher grade, denser lining material. The close knit nature of the fibers of this lining act as a prevention to the permeability of the curtain in terms of sunlight. Therefore acting as barrier to the sun-rays, providing a pair of Blackout Curtains.

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