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Innovative Interior Design Ideas For Your Living Room

Innovative Interior Design Ideas For Your Living Room

The living room is usually where you spend most your leisure time at home, so having a space that feels comfortable and yet attractive is essential. To really relax and feel completely at home, you need the room to be pleasant, uncluttered and well designed so that all of the essentials are accommodated without any unnecessary extras. Coordination and theming is important, however it is often the little details that make all the difference. Here, we look at some innovative interior design ideas that will make your living room a cosy and welcoming environment that still makes a statement.

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Comfortable

Many people think that a sophisticated and elegant living room equates to the kind of furniture you might see in a show home. It’s stylish and contemporary, but rarely comfortable. Luckily, there has recently been a move away from this trend as people have started to realise that relaxation is just as important as appearance. Leather sofas are becoming a thing of the past as plush and velvet couches have started to become more popular thanks to their warmth and inviting textures. The key to the perfect blend of style and comfort is to choose a cosy fabric paired with a modern frame design. Low furniture and sofas with attractive wooden legs are appealing and modern-looking, while couches with an unusual shape, for example a curved style are also eye catching without compromising on the welcoming feel.

Making White Work

A white themed living room may be the ultimate in minimalist chic, but it isn’t always the easiest look to maintain. The fear of spillages, stains and damage is enough to put many people off going for this style, especially if they live in a home with pets or children, however there is no need to eschew the elegance of pure white if you make the right furnishing choices. The key is in durability and ease of maintenance. A leather couch will be easier to clean than a fabric one, a plastic framed chair will simply wipe down and a white lacquer table will be much more resistant to permanent damage. Choose white paint for your walls with stain resistant technology or opt for wipe-clean wallpaper so that you’ll never need to worry about the nightmare of sticky fingerprints!

Mix Up The Textures

You have probably chosen a colour scheme for your room which encompasses your walls, curtains, carpets and maybe even your accessories and upholstery. While this will give your space a wonderfully coordinated feel, it can get rather dull, especially if you’ve opted for a neutral cream or beige shade. Mix it up a bit by opting for pieces with different textures or subtle patterns, and choose slightly varying shades of the same colour. This will add depth and interest to your room and add extra visual appeal.


Try out these innovative design ideas to give your living room a brand new look, or use a professional interior designer to bring your space up to date.



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