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Choosing The Right Kind of Fabric for Your Bespoke Curtains

Choosing The Right Kind of Fabric for Your Bespoke Curtains

When it comes to freedom of expression, bespoke curtains allow many people to truly show off their personality in the most unique way possible, and that’s with made-to-measure curtains. Opting for bespoke curtains over high-street alternatives means you are not hindered and therefore do not have to conform to particular designs.

However, there are still some factors you need to consider when deciding on fabric for your made-to-measure curtains.

Consider the Heading of the Curtains

As well as the design of the curtains themselves, you need to factor in how you wish the curtains to hang. For example, eyelet styles suggest a sleek and contemporary look, whereas those looking for something a little more traditional may wish to opt for a pinch pleat heading. A curtain heading can make all the difference as to what ambience is created, so it’s a factor well worth your consideration.

Long Curtains or Short Curtains?

Certain designs may only work with certain lengths, and as such you have to balance up your practicality with visuals. Long curtains may look more luxurious in some instances, but if there are obstacles such as radiators in the way, it may not be the most suitable solution.

It can be worthwhile to consider your requirements for all the property so you can decide what works best wear. If you are having some difficulty, then why not turn to an expert to gain some insight about what kind of options are available to you.

Ensure You Keep to Your Budget

When choosing made-to-measure curtains, there are many fabrics and patterns to be in awe of. However, it’s important that you are able to ensure that any choices you make in relation to your curtains are kept within your available budget.

Going outside of your budget could cause you problems with other areas of the property when it comes to financing. If there is a certain fabric that you must have, then you may wish to consider omitting something else in order to balance the books.

For those who are having difficulty in maintaining a budget could look to employ the services of an interior designer. Although there is a cost involved, choosing an interior designer could actually save you money moving forward.

Don’t Forget the Finishing Touches

Although your bespoke curtains already look fabulous, there’s no reason to omit those finishing touches that can make the world of difference. For example, you may want to consider the inclusion of trims for a unique look. Tie backs are also popular, as they can be crafted from fabric as well as many other materials.

Made-to-measure curtains can ensure your home remains a unique one, but carefully considering a few factors can ensure that your home décor looks the best it can, while still being practical.

Image: Pixabay, available via Creative Commons.

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